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I’ve started using Manim in August 2021.

I find it is a very powerfull tools and makes easy and funny draw animation programmatically.

I am a computer programmer, so I love doing thinks programmatically. As I prefer using LaTeX to write document, I love Manim to draw animations.

Manim Logo.
Manim Logo

Manim is an engine for precise programmatic animations, designed for creating explanatory math videos.

Note, there are two versions of manim. The first version was began by the author of 3Blue1Brown for the purpose of animating those videos. In 2020 a group of developers forked it into what is now the community edition, with a goal of being more stable, better tested, quicker to respond to community contributions, and all around friendlier to get started with.

This video is my first work with Manim. The audio is only in Italian.

I immediately understood that Manim has enormous potential. But there is also a lot of work to be done to refine the tools. With some specialized class it will be possible to draw new videos faster.

That’s why I started collecting a series of personal templates. Maybe some of these will flow into my Manim plugin.

Index of my templates:

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